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Accuflect® Luminaire
Lighting Reflectors

Accuflect® B6 light reflecting ceramic is being used in luminaire designs to improve light output.  These include LED, high temperature incandescent and electrodeless HID designs being developed  and optimized for improved luminous efficacy.  The refractoriness, high efficiency diffuse reflectance and excellent dielectric properties all play a role in making Accuflect® an excellent reflector choice for a variety of light sources.

In the year 2000, energy usage for lighting was estimated at 765 Terawatt-hours.*  This represented roughly 22% of total annual electricity generation and greater than 8% of the total of all forms of energy production for the year.  To put this energy usage in perspective, the following relationships should be kept in mind:

  • 1 TWh (terawatt-hour)=1 billion (109) kWh (kilowatt-hour)
  • 1000TWh electrical=3.412 quads electrical
  • 1 quadelectrical=3.211quads of primary energy
  • 1 quad=1 quadrillion (1015) Btu
There exists an opportunity to save tremendous amounts of energy with more efficient  lighting.  This opportunity to save energy is manifested in extensive R&D activities in all sectors of the lighting industry.
*Source:  2000 National Lighting Inventory and Energy Consumption Estimate Volume 1.  September 2002.  USDOE.
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