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  Laser reflector cavities image

Laser Ceramics

Accuratus has been supplying ceramics to the laser industry since it’s founding in 1977. Accuratus personnel helped develop ceramic solutions for some of the earliest laser devices. Accuratus continues to provide unique, cost effective solutions for the challenges faced by laser and optical system designers.

Ceramics for Solid State Lasers

Accuratus has a unique highly diffuse reflectance material called ACCUFLECT® developed specifically for high energy flashlamp pumped laser cavities. It’s Lambertian behavior makes it ideal for close coupled cavity designs where a high energyoutput beam  profile is critical. High reflectance assures you of maximum wall plug efficiency from your laser system. Visit our standard products page and case studies page for  details on ACCUFLECT®.

Two types of Accuflect® are available:
B6 G6
Porous, unglazed Glazed
Designed for use in dry cavities and areas where there is no contamination. Developed for use in liquid cooled cavities and applications where contamination is likely.
Sizes up to 76 mm (3") diameter and 450 mm (18") long can be produced.

Accuflect B6 typical laser pump cavity reflectance

Accuflect G6 typical laser cavity reflectance

Ceramics for Excimer Lasers

Accuratus helped design and build the first generation ceramic insulators used in excimer cavities. Forward thinking designers consulted with Accuratus personnel to develop a manufacturable and cost effective component. Proper selection of material type eliminated the contamination and arcing problems inherent with the polymeric designs then in use. The use of aluminum oxide ceramics virtually eliminated contamination of the laser gas greatly extending gas lifetimes. Using ceramic also cured the high voltage breakdown that was causing significant down time in early generation excimers. Derivatives of this early design continue in use today.

Ceramics for CO2 Lasers

Accuratus has a long history supplying ceramic to the carbon dioxide and similar gas lasers. Free space and waveguide designs are routinely produced. Cylindrical, flat plate, straight and folded designs are typical. Components used in flowing gas and sealed off systems are supplied. Discriminating manufacturers relying on us for high quality beam profiles have used our services for years. Aluminum oxide and beryllium oxide are supplied depending upon output wavelength and heat dissipation requirements. Cylindrical designs up to 600 mm (24") length in single piece can be produced. Slab designs up to 600 mm (24") long and 255 mm (10") wide can be produced. Folded designs with up to 50 folds have been produced although typically less than 6 folds are used.

Ceramics for Ion Lasers

Accuratus personnel designed and produced the early generation beryllium oxide based ion laser plasma tubes. To this day, Accuratus maintains an important presence in the ion laser market supplying superior quality tubes for both high power and capillary bore ion tubes. Single piece tubes can be produced up to 255 mm (10")  long. Bore diameters range from 0.75 mm (.03") to 2.5 mm (.100").

Glasses for HeNe Lasers

Accuratus manufactures pyrex tubes used for high-end distance measurement lasers. Extremely precise and repeatable bore straightness, and end face perpendicularity and parallelism are critical to the measuring system. Accuratus quickly developed a set of cost effective fabrication and inspection techniques to allow the customer to bring a new, enhanced product to the marketplace.

Ceramics for Semiconductor Lasers

Accuratus supplies mounts and submounts in high thermal conductivity ceramics for the high powered diode laser market. Materials of construction include beryllium oxide and aluminum nitride. Metallized surfaces can be supplied with thick film deposited conductors or thin film conductors. Additionally, small metallized submounts in aluminum oxide are produced to support the photodetectors used for feedback control in packaged laser systems. Typical sizes range from 0.25 mm (.01") square to 19 mm (.75") square with thicknesses from 0.127 mm (.005") to 1.5 mm (.06"). Other sizes and geometries are available.

Ceramics and Glasses for Laser System Components

Ceramics are supplied for applications other than the laser in many systems. The unique properties offered by ceramics are often taken advantage of by system designers. Some ceramic applications include high stability interferometer supports, thermally conductive lens mounts, low mass/high stiffness mirror substrates, apertures, high voltage electrical insulators for pockels cells and transparent crystal mounts for doublers and triplers.

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