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Accuflect® IR Infrared Reflectors  

Accuflect® IR is a highly diffuse and low loss reflector of near infrared and mid infrared radiation.  The diffuse reflecting Accuflect® IR offers alternatives to the metallic specular reflectors and their shortcomings often found in infrared heating applications.   Some notable characteristics of the Accuflect® IR ceramic reflector material include:

  • Diffuse reflectance creates a uniformly illuminated area
  • Accuflect® IR can be applied as flat panels to act as a planar source or it can be shaped to provide a more concentrated area of illumination
  • Accuflect® IR is a refractory material capable of long term use at 1200°C--well above the use temperature of metal reflectors
  • The refractoriness eliminates the need to actively cool the reflector surfaces
  • Radiosity from the warm reflector surfaces improves heating efficiency and has a recuperator effect on the high temperature emitters
  • Accuflect® IR has optimal reflectance in the .76 micron to 2 micron NIR wavelengths characteristic of high energy and high watt density emitters operating above 1000°C
  • Accuflect® IR is an electrical insulator
Accuflect® has a fine particle size.  Its microstructure results in a short mean free path length for the infrared photons refracting and reflecting within the material so sections as thin as 3 mm are fully effective reflectors.
scattering reflectance vs normalized path length
     where:                                                               Source:  Heraeus
             t=thickness (or total path length)
              l*=photon mean free path length

The curve shows the percent reflectance versus the ration of thickness to mean free path length for non absorbing media.  This is typical of Accuflect® IR in the shortwave infrared spectrum. ( Notice how the % reflectance becomes asymptotic to 100% as the total path length to mean free path length approaches 100:1).

The excellent low loss, diffuse reflectance of Accuflect® IR is shown in the following diffuse reflectance and specular reflectance curves.  Total reflectance can be obtained by summing the diffuse and specular components at any wavelength of interest.

Accuflect Near Infrared Reflectance Curve .76 to 1.4 microns

Accuflect Short Wave Infrared Reflectance Curve 1.4 to 3 microns

Accuflect®: IR is available in sheets as thin as 3 mm and as shaped components as large as 75 mm square by 450 mm long.

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