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    Guide rolls in non-ferrous rod mills.

    Pinch and guide weld box rolls in welded tube mills.

    Seam guides and impeder wear strips on welded tube mills.

check Non-shedding, non-contaminating
check Resistant to high temperatures
check High stiffness
check Wear resistant
check Chemically inert - even at high temperatures
check Electrical insulator at moderate temperatures


    ZrO2 finds use in  variety of applications in tube and rod mills.

    In nonferrous rod mills, notably copper, the zirconium oxide does not react with the hot copper promoting extended life of the rolls.  Mills supplying the wire drawing industry specify zirconia because the faying surfaces do not degrade and contaminate the copper rod.  Any contamination of the rod is a source of breakage when drawing the wire, particularly in the finer gages.

    Zirconium oxide also finds use in the weld boxes on welded tube mills.  ZrO2's electrical insulation properties make it suitable for use on EW and TIG lines.  The electrical insulation assures the weld current goes where the mill designers expect.  Furthermore the current will not pass through the roll bearings thus extending their life expectancy.  The electrical insulation and non-magnetic properties also benefit the high frequency weld mills.  The rolls do not pick up stray fields from the weld coils keeping the weld currents in the weld assuring more consistent welds and higher throughput.  The high stiffness of the rolls adds to tightly controlled joint geometry and a higher quality finished product.  Weld spatter does not stick to zirconia so the mill does not need to shut down for operators to chip the spatter off the rolls. 

    Good wear resistance contributes to long life of the rolls.  The wear resistance of the zirconia can be further taken advantage of when used as a seam guide or as wear shoes on the impeder assembly.


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