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    An alternative to the steel and tungsten carbide commonly used.

check Excellent wear resistance
check Low friction/low energy surfaces for minimal galling and material pickup
check Corrosion resistant and chemically inert
check High mechanical toughness
check Cleaned with abrasives or chemicals
check Thermal expansion close to steel
check Refractory
check High strength


    The refractoriness and chemical inertness of Mg TTZ zirconia makes it an excellent choice for extrusion of non-ferrous metals.  The high hot strength and good hardness of the zirconium oxide contribute to the long life expectancy of the die inserts. The relatively high thermal expansion coefficient of the ZrO2 permits shrink fits into steel die shells resulting in the desirable compression loaded die inserts easily mounted to existing equipment.  Eroded and lightly scratched die surfaces can be repolished with diamond pastes. 

    Staking dies fabricated in YTZP zirconia offer extremely fine finishes protecting the surfaces of the staked components.  This is particularly helpful with the softer metals such as aluminum.  The non-galling, low surface energy surfaces permit extended production with little or no lubricant required minimizing the environmental costs of petroleum product disposal. If material does begin to adhere to the surface of the zirconium oxide, it is easily repolished with low cost, readily available diamond paste or chemically cleaned with virtually any acid or caustic.  The high toughness and hardness stop pick-up of the zirconium oxide by the staked components resulting in clean, uncontaminated product.    


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