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Zirconium Oxide







    Precision gaging of manufactured products

check Thermal expansion coefficient close to steel
check Electrical insulator
check Resists corrosion
check Smooth, low friction surfaces
check Long term dimensional stability
check Hard, wear resistant surface
check Strong and tough, resists breakage


    Some applications require the use of gaging products other than the commonly found steels and tungsten carbide.  Zirconium oxide often fits the bill.  The high expansion coefficient approximating many steels makes it useful when gaging steel products; it can be used over a wider temperature range before resulting in an out of tolerance condition.  Long life is assured by the high hardness and mechanical toughness of ZrO2.  The non-galling nature and high polish achievable on both YTZP and Mg TTZ make them desirable candidates especially when gauging soft metals.  They can be easily cleaned when necessary with chemical cleaners to preserve their gaging accuracy.  The low friction coefficient against most materials assures a good "feel" when hand gaging products.


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