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Solar Cell Furnace Reflectors 

A Successful Material Replacement
furnace reflector image
Improve Solar Cell Consistency
Increase Throughput
Lower Production Cost
Infrared reflectors for solar cell processing furnaces
Service Conditions
check Emitters operating in excess of 2000°C
check Process temperatures ranging from 400°C to 900°C
check Too much heat loss through absorption of radiant energy in refractory walls
check Shedding of refractory fibers onto solar cells
check Process control not tight enough due to thermal inertia of furnace walls
check Add diffuse reflective panels of Accuflect® IR between furnace walls and emitters
check Improved product consistency
check Tighter process controls
check Faster throughput
check Improved firing profiles
check Improved radiation uniformity in heat zones
check Lowered electrical usage

Accuflect® IR was specified for the "hot" face reflector in a solar cell metallizing furnace. 
The Accuflect® IR was backed by traditional fibrous refractory materials providing a good
combination of infrared reflection back into the process zone and thermal insulation to
prevent the unnecessary escape of heat from the reflectors.  This permitted the
reflectors to run hot and provide additional heating with their radiosity.
The bottom line is Accuflect® IR is helping reduce manufacturing cost for the solar cell
manufacturers relentless pursuit of grid parity.

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