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Fiber Optic Splicer

A Successful Redesign
Fiber splicer image
Simplify your designs
Improve your product performance
Lower your customers’ cost of ownership
Optical fiber fusion splicer
Service Conditions
1. Field unit for repair of fibers under all conditions
2. Passive submicron alignment of fiber ends required
3. Insulation from high voltage (over 5,000 volts)
4. Usable by technicians with minimal training
1. Existing units could not hold required alignment under field conditions
2. Short lifetime for fusing electrodes
3. Customer was considering elimination of the product line
Replaced multi piece plastic/ceramic components with a precision fabricated ceramic support
check Fiber alignment and resulting loss specification now within tolerance under all conditions
check Lifetime of replaceable electrodes tripled over original design
check Customer decided to retain product line and has improved market share


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