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Accuratus Quality Assurance Program

1. To assure full conformance with contract requirements and specifications consistent of the following:
  a. Applicable general industry standards
  b. Applicable military standards
  c. Applicable customer specific standards


Applicable Accuratus manufacturing standards
2. To safeguard a comprehensive Quality Assurance system with consistent inspection procedures and techniques.
3. To establish manufacturing standards through the consistent application of Production Engineering Processes customized to customer requirements.
4. To designate full responsibility of the Quality Assurance function and its relationship to Production, Maintenance and Customer Relationship functions.
Contract Requirement Fulfillment
1. All customer contract requirement (i.e. material, manufacturing standards, shipping requirements, quality provisions, etc.) must be in written form. Original copies of engineering drawings, specifications and the like should be submitted with the purchase order.
2. Unless otherwise specified, order of precedence will be:
  a. Purchase Order first
  b. Engineering Drawing second
  c. Other supporting specifications third
3. Quality Assurance will review all contract requirement to assure:
  a. There is no conflict with any generally accepted commercial or military drawing, manufacturing or inspection standards.
  b. Sufficiency of information or completeness of specifications
  c. Need for Production Engineering
4. Any change or waiver requested by the customer must be in written form. Changes and waivers will be incorporated into the work order with the authorization and approval of Quality Assurance and Production.
5. Accuratus Certificate of Conformance and Final Inspection Reports will be made available upon customer request.
Inspection Standards
1. All receiving and manufacturing inspection is performed in accordance with the operating characteristics defined in ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-1993.
2. Unless otherwise specified by customer contract, Accuratus standard inspection procedures are defined by either ASQ ZERO ACCEPTANCE NUMBER SAMPLING PLANS 4th ed. with an index number of 4 or ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 AQL 4.0 LEVEL II.

A full copy of the quality management manual is available to customers requiring the information as part of order fulfillment.