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Custom Ceramic Component Manufacturing Standards

When tolerances are not explicitly identified on a drawing, there is no supporting customer manufacturing specification and no specific notes appear on a quotation, the following tolerances will be applied.

Dimensional Control




.xxx Size
+.13mm (.005")
.xx Size +.26mm (.010")
x/x (Fractions) Size +.38mm (.015")
x° Angle + 2°
Surface Finish 1.6 micron (63µ") Ra
Roundness Must not exceed Maximum Material Condition perfect form boundary 1/2 the feature size tolerance but not less than 5 microns (.0002")
Perpendicularity .1mm/mm (.004"/inch)*
Parallelism .05mm/mm (.002"/inch)*
Position For undimensioned feature locations generally on center line of part Within the width or diameter tolerance not less than .13mm (.005") FIM
Flatness Multiplied by the longest element of a feature. Minimum size of shortest element   2.6mm (.1") .13mm/mm (.005"/inch)
Straightness/Camber .08mm/mm (.003"/inch)
Fillets 1mm (.04") Max.
Edge Break Radius or 45°+5° chamfer 1mm (.04") Max.
Glaze and Metallizing Surface Coatings Features will be measured prior to coating application.
Typical glaze thickness will vary from .1mm (.004") to .4mm (.015"). Typical metallizing thickness will vary from a few thousand angstroms to .05mm (.002") depending upon type.
*Not less than .013mm (.0005") on features less than 25.4 mm (1")

Visual Criteria




Blemish Stained or discolored area associated with normal processing 1.5mm (.06") Max.
Chip Open: Material removal along an edge.
Closed: Damaged area along an edge where material is still in place.
1.5mm (.06") width across face by 1.5mm (.06") deep into face by unlimited length along edge.
Crack Fracture line without separation visible to the naked eye None allowed
Foreign Material Particles adhering to surfaces None allowed
Holes/Pits Voids in surfaces 1.5mm (.06") Max in any direction
Inclusion Foreign material embedded in ceramic body or a stain not associated with normal processing 1.5mm (.06") Max in any direction
Porous Area Area that retains dye and upon sectioning shows evidence of dye penetration None allowed
Surface Marks Scratches, grind marks or other long shallow grooves cut into a surface Not exceeding dimensional limits of a feature