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Metallizing MACOR® Machinable Glass Ceramic


Thick Film Metallizing MACOR® MGC

1. Precious metal inks such as gold, silver, platinum gold and palladium silver can be used.
2. Some non-precious metal inks such as nickel and copper will also work.
3. Degrease and clean the MACOR®.
4. Rinse in deionized water and dry at 100°C (212°F) for one hour.
5. Deposit the ink by silk screen or thin it and brush it on.
6. Fire in accordance with the ink suppliers’ recommendations. Do not exceed the recommended heating and cooling rates for MACOR®.

Thin Film Metallizing MACOR® MGC

1. Sputtered films are most successful.
2. Typical sputtered metals include chromium, titanium, copper, gold, nickel, niobium, palladium, silver, and tantalum.
3. MACOR® should be lapped and polished to remove loose mica crystals.
4. Degrease, rinse and dry (see Cleaning).
5. Vacuum bake at 500°C to 700°C (930°F to 1290°F) at 10–5 Torr for one hour. Heat and cool below the maximum recommended rates. (See Heating/Cooling Rates).

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