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Aluminum Nitride Substrates & Components

Accuratus maintains an inventory of standard aluminum nitride substrates for fast delivery requirements. They are stocked in industry standard thicknesses of .025 inches and .040 inches.  We will be happy to provide a quotation.  Call us at 908-213-7070 or fax your requirement to 908-213-7069.  If you prefer, you can submit your RFQ on-line at the Aluminum Nitride Request For Quotation page.

Aluminum Nitride Substrate Image
High Conductivity
Low Expansion
Low Cost
Fast Delivery


    Aluminum nitride substrates available from Accuratus are produced using tape casting or dry pressing methods.  Tape casting produces sizes up to 5 inches by 7 inches and .060 inches thick.  Dry pressing produces substrates up to 2 inches square and .250 inches thick.  A list of standard substrate sizes can be found on the Aluminum Nitride Substrate Sizes page.  Standard aluminum nitride process methods yield strong  substrates  with consistent material properties and at least 170W/m°K room temperature thermal conductivity.  Specialized methods can yield room temperature thermal concutivity of up to 200 W/m°K although the mechanical strength is lower.  Typical material properties for the standard stubstrates are found at the Aluminum Nitride Substrate Characteristics page.

    Our substrates are ready to use as-supplied or can be further processed.  They are compatible with mechanical dicing, laser scribing and cutting, thick film hybrid metallizing, thick film refractory metallizing, thin film metallizing and direct bond copper processes.


    Accuratus also offers isostatically pressed aluminum nitride components.  These are available with up to 2 inch cross section and 8 inch length as bars, rods and tiles.  Typically components are precision machined after firing to meet customer dimensional requirements.  Typical material properties for the isopressed product can be found at the Aluminum Nitride page in the Materials section of the website.

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